Wonder Woman Preview

The Project Happening team previews the new Wonder Woman movie.  This movie is scheduled to be released June 2, 2017.

Wonder Woman was created in 1941 and has since been one of the most recognizable comic book characters of all time.

The earliest  comics have Princess Diana of Themyscira being created by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, out of clay. The goddess Athena then turned the clay into flesh bringing life to the child. She is raised as an amazon on the hidden island of Themyscira before taking on the role of Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot plays the current incarnation of the character, who we first meet in the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The solo film will hit theaters on June 2nd.

Gal Gadot is an actress and model that may be most commonly known for her role in the Fast and Furious films. Interesting tidbits: she was a soldier in the Israeli military for two years and rides a motorcycle.

Author: Claude