What should we do tonight?

One of our favorite evenings with friends consists of crashing our good friend and collaborative writer for the website Rachnan’s pad, grilling on her BBQ, and utilizing her entertainment system. We begin the night by putting on any live sports game in the background. Nothing worth watching? Then we’ll shoot for movies just out on DVD. I pull out my handy iPhone and select the Flixter application.


A few of our recent favorites? The Hangover and District 9. A few more selections on flixster include Gamer with Gerard Butler, Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale (I mentioned this was background noise right?) or The Invention of Lying with Ricky Gervais – he hosted the Golden Globes. He’s actually pretty funny if you want to check out his podcast:



After that’s been settled and our guts have been stuffed with our editor Claude’s wonderful BBQ creations, we settle into a game of King’s Cup.

How to Play King’s Cup:

Place a glass at the center of the table to represent the King’s cup. Spread a deck of cards face down around the cup. Follow the instructions below depending on the card that is drawn.

Ace –Everyone drinks

Two is for you – The player that draws the card must pick a player at the table to drink

Three is for me – Drink up sucker you pulled the card

Four is for whores – All ladies must drink

Five is for jive – Bust out in your favorite grove move.The player to your left must copy your move then add one of their own. The next player to the left must copy both moves in order then add one of their own. This continues until someone chokes. They must drink

Six is for dicks – All guys must drink

Seven point to heaven – The last player to point to heaven must drink

Eight picks a mate – Pick a player at the table to drink with you.

Nine bust a rhyme –The player who draws this card starts the rhyme (choose three short words to start the rhyme). Each player around the table must repeat the rhyme in order and add only one word to it per turn. The player to break the rhyme must drink!

Ten is categories– The player who pulls this card chooses a category. Each player must name an item in that category. (Example: Types of “shoes”: Converse…DC…Nike…Vans…etc.)

Jack is make a rule – The player that pulls this card, makes a rule that everyone must follow for the rest of the game. Anyone that violates the rule must drink.

Queen is for questions – Starting with the player that pulled the card, each player must ask a question to the player to their right.  If you ANSWER OR PAUSE too long you must drink!

Kings Cup – If you draw one of the first three kings, pour a shot of your beverage into the Kings Cup

Kings cup always sets the evening off right. Shots of your favorite drink or even beer shots have worked in the past. domain whois information Lately we are keen on collaborative writer Pauly’s drink of choice: Vodka Club.

How to make a Vodka Club:


  • Pour one part vodka over ice (we find that Blueberry Stoli or Grey Goose suits us best)
  • Add one can club soda
  • Mix in crushed lime wedges
  • Enjoy!

Ah but the night is still young. We bust out the board game Quelf! We found ours at Puzzle Zoo while cruising Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade one evening. You can also pick up a copy at Walmart and Toys R Us. Or place an order on-line at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Oh my Quelf this is the best board game ever!


So let’s re-cap: Start with BBQ. Add one part King’s Cup w/ a pinch of favorite DVD in the background. Top of evening w/ a game of Quelf = Good Times.

Author: helolite

“When all is said and done, have you said and done enough?”