What should I read?

My name is helolite and I have an addiction. I buy books. I have to. I visit bookstores. I roam the isles. I freeze in the Fiction section. So many selections, I can hear Angels sing. So many volumes, they would all look so great on my shelf at home. I flip through amazing paperbacks, hard covers, magazines, comics, and bulky art books. Yes, I smell the pages. I place orders on-line and wait impatiently for my glorious books to arrive. I have another confession: My 2010 New Year’s resolution is to actually read the books I buy.

Join me on my crusade to buy up books. Then maybe you can tell me what they’re about, since you will probably read them before I do. Let’s start with Curtis Ebbesmeyer’s Flotsametrics and the Floating World. Ebbesmeyer is an oceanographer known for his study of currents. He literally tracks ocean trash (rubber ducky, old sneakers, computers, etc.) that have been dumped by cargo ships either from storms or other sailing accidents.


I first stumbled across this extraordinary book from an article in Wired Magazine. Ebbesmeyer’s studies have led him to understand how voyages were charted by the Vikings and even Columbus. expired domain names Who doesn’t like Vikings, right?

Walking aimlessly in a Borders

Bookstore I found another must have: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.


The story revolves around a nine-year-old boy that just lost his father in the September 11 attacks. The boy finds a key left behind by his father and goes on a journey through New York to uncover what it unlocks


Jonathan Safran Foer, 28, also wrote Eating Animals a highlight to his late night visits to factory farms, and Everything is Illuminated discusses the Holocaust.

When devouring a National Geographic magazine I was introduced to The Man Who Lives with Wolves by Shaun Ellis. This is one man’s story of how he spent 11 years eating, hunting and sleeping with a wolf pack. He learned how to survive in the wild and integrate into the pack.


In an interview by Andrea Minarcek from National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine, the “wolf man” disclosed the following:

Question: What are some of the secrets [wolves] give up?

SE: Wolves know exactly what they need from their food source. The pack leaders always eat the heart, liver, and kidneys – where the adrenaline is most concentrated.

Question: Did you get used to the kidneys?

SE: I was allotted my own position on the carcasses at the ribcage and backbone. That’s not the high-quality meat, but I could feed on the stomach, which are mostly vegetables. So, really my diet was pretty standard meat-and-potatoes fare.

One evening of searching the internet brought me to the Guillermo Del Toro website.


He is a rising director from Guadalajara, Mexico who is known for his films such as Hellboy I & II, Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade II, and Mimic. He has won several Academy Awards for his work and is set to direct the upcoming film The Hobbit produced by the fantasy icon Peter Jackson.

Del Toro has joined forces with Chuck Hogan to create a vampire thriller called The Strain. This is not your teenager vampire saga. This is gritty, dark, zombie-like, vampire gore. Hogan adds a medically scientific edge giving the novel a CSI feel and treating the spread of vampires like a disease. If nothing else Vasiliy’s Blog on The Strain website is beautifully written. Definitely worth checking out:http://www.thestraintrilogy.com/



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