The Portal Stones

portal stones

Today helolite gave Dana and I a writing prompt:

The woods were deep, but the moonlight was bright tonight. You could feel it in this place. The magic. It was under every fallen branch, sitting upon every mushroom, breathing out of every tree. Dana, Claude, and helolite approached the spot by the river that lived in legends and story tales. They had traveled a long way to get here. 

Together they stepped into the stream. 

Like a glimmer at first, then a rush of wind, appeared the fairy queen. She fluttered about before them. She was no more than 8 inches tall, but we knew her to be mighty. She welcomed the warn and tired travelers. Today is the day she had been waiting for a lifetime.

The Queen presented each traveler with a small clear stone that glowed. To Claude she gave a blue stone, like the sea and sky. To helolite she gave a lavender stone, like that of lilac and sunset clouds. To Dana she gave a white stone, like that of ice and pure lightning. 

She told them how each stone, once dropped to the ground would open a portal to any world they wished to walk upon. She told them it was a great gift, but also a great curse. For the worlds they chose to travel would set forth a string of unstoppable events.

Dana, Claude, and helolite each dropped their own stones separately. Each portal took them to the very place they wished for…

[[[ Your turn. If you could portal anywhere in the real or imaginary universe, where would you venture to first? Describe where you ended up. What world did you portal to? Is it on earth or elsewhere? What timeline is it: past, present, future? What does it look like? Are you in a busy city or another forrest? Are there people, creatures, plant life? Describe what you see. Tell us why you chose this place. ]]]

And here is what I came up with:

I suddenly wake up in a daze.  It’s dark!  All I can hear is myself breathing and my stomach turning.  The cold is one I haven’t felt since experiencing the harsh winter nights in Romania many years ago.   I reach all around me and feel nothing but air.  I reach up and feel what seems to be rock above me.  What is this place?  This isn’t the place I had wished for.  As my eyes begin to regain focus, I can see a faint light coming from a tiny hole what seems like miles away.

I begin to slowly crawl towards the light but sharp rocks begin piercing my skin.  I decide despite the pain I cannot stay put and must continue crawling.  After what seemes like hours of crawling I finally arrive at the light source.  It is coming from what appears to be an entrance.  It appears I am in a cave and the light is of the night sky.  Exhausted from the journey I collapse.

When next my eyes open I can see art on the walls and ceilings.  I am definitely in a cave.  One of the paintings looks very peculiar.  And the art lookes to be fairly fresh.  I ‘m not sure but it appears as if the painting is of a battle between men and robots, and the men are not fairing too well.  I begin making my way outside the cave.  I must find water and something to eat.

When I finally get outside the cave I am greeted by warm sunlight, green fields, a small river, and a beautiful blue sky.  The wind or lack thereof, is perfectly calm.  Nearby stands a few old apple trees, the branches are low enough for me to reach some apples.  As I begin eating an apple I start to wonder where I am.  I had wished to be taken to place 20,000 years in the future.  I wanted to see what the future held for us, how much more advanced we had become.  But this was nothing like what I thought the future looked like.  Am I even on planet Earth?  I don’t see any other people or birds or animals around, but the plant life is plentiful.

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Author: Claude