The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Ok, so my latest game review will be of a game that was released a few years ago on the PC, and more recently on the PS3 and XBOX, I’m talking about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This game is what I like to call “bad a$$”, as in playing this game will make you a better human being. I know I’ve become a pillar of society as a result of playing this game, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

So this game takes place in the mythical land of Cyrodiil in the province of Tamriel, in which the player gets to have fun in a sand box type world adventure and mystery. For those folks who don’t know what a “sand box” world is, you get to venture anywhere in the world you want at anytime right at the beginning The story begins with you getting locked up in some dank cell as the Emperor of Cyrodiil (voiced by Patrick Stewart) has to use an escape route that leads right through your cell. As you make your way out of the sewer you are given a task by the Dying Emperor to save the province by “closing shut the jaws of Oblivion”. So in other words you have to save the world by closing inter-dimensional gates before they let in some brutal demon types. That’s the basic main story plot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cause trouble in the meantime.

You have the option of starting the main story line at ANY time. What does this mean for the adventurous types? You can get into all sorts of side quests and mayhem right from the get go. There are so many side quests in this game I don’t think anyone has done them all, I cannot stress the sheer amount of content in this game. I think some the developers went mad filling this game with content. There have been two expansions, The Shivering Isles and The Knights of The Nine, since the game’s release that add even more content.

With the many types of character customizations available like custom looks, classes, and various races to name a few, you can go out into the world and not feel like you’re playing a generic character.. You can even buy hosing in each of the various towns in Tamriel complete with furnishings and any number of trophies you want to display. The combat is first and third person, I recommend first person for combat as the third person view does not work well. All combat is real time, no waiting for the computer to calculate hit percentages, so you have to be quick on the stick.

The fun of this game is the detailed landscape and the numerous quests the player gets to explore. The fun of becoming a vampire and having to keep your identity a secret is just one unique facet of this game, one of many. But, this game does have it’s drawbacks. One of which is that they hired about 5 voice actors and they voice about 95% of the characters in the game, so you think you’re talking to the same person over and over and over. There is not really an epic feel to this game as in previous titles, you get the quests and then you slay the god of hate and then everyone says “Hey, thanks” then it’s business as usual. The variety and amount of quests do make up for that somewhat though. The enemies level up with you so you never really get a chance to be totally overwhelming to the computer AI, but it does keep the game challenging in my opinion.

This game will keep you entertained and away from pesky loved ones for sure. At $30.00 this game is a great buy for anyone remotely interested in fantasy RPG’s. Even with it’s minor drawbacks, I give this game a lofty 9.5/10.

Author: Absolute Paul

I’m originally from Santa Monica, California, so I dig the sunshine. I like most things sci-fi in nature and tend to write/speak about such things. I joined Project Happening along with my other three cohorts to bring our perspective on interesting subject matter to the fore…this should be an interesting journey…