Superintelligence is a term that suggests a time when the capability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will surpass that of humans. Some believe that in this century we will make 1,000 times more progress in technology compared to last century. So what does this mean? Well this brings us to the term technological singularity. This will be the moment when AI is created that becomes smarter than any human on the planet. And the intelligence begins to make smarter versions of itself.

According to article (, there are three major AI categories, ANI, AGI, and ASI. ANI stands for Artificial Narrow Intelligence. This is AI that is really good at one task. One example is IBM’s Deep Blue. Deep Blue is an AI chess playing computer. This AI beat a reigning chess world champion.

AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence. This is AI that is as intellectual as a human. This type of AI would have the ability to reason and learn from experience. This does not exists yet, however, the most advanced computers of today are not programmed, they are learning.

And then there is ASI, which stands for Artificial Superintelligence. This is when AI becomes smarter that the best human brain. It is believed that eventually AI will be capable of improving itself. And with exponential growth, that will happen very fast. It will lead to what some call the intelligence explosion.

So imagine a machine with many sensors analyzing information in real time as it receives the data. It will be capable of making associations with this data and then acting on the data.

Author: Claude