Stranger Things Season 2 Preview

Friends don’t lie. They do let you hide out in their mom’s basement with an endless supply of eggo waffles if you happen to be a runaway twelve-year-old girl named Eleven.

Season 1 of Stranger Things introduces us to a young girl with super psychokinetic abilities. Her mother was pregnant with her when undergoing experiments at Hawkins Laboratory. Scientists stole the child and branded her with the number 011. She then became the target of further experiments involving psychedelic drugs including LSD, sensory deprivation, and telepathy. Her last experiment at the lab leads her to open a gate to another dimension, allowing a monster known as the Demogorgon to enter our world.

The crack in the dimensions seems to allow access between our world and The Upside Down. A dark place where the monster may suck out your insides and turn your body into an incubator of mushy goo, sorry Barb. As animals and children seem to be going missing, we follow a group of three young boys searching for their friend Will Byers who has been taken to The Upside Down. The boys come across Eleven who has no desire to ever reenter that place.

The shows creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, set the location in rural Indiana in the 1980s. The Duffer brothers drew inspiration from Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King.

Season 2 takes place one year later on Halloween. Half the town of Hawkins is aware that there are stranger things happening in their town, while the other half disregard the warnings as mere rumors. Sheriff Hopper seems to be covering up the events from season 1 in an effort to protect the kids. This season promises to dig deeper into The Upside Down and shed light on why we have only seen one monster in the other dimension. We will also be introduced to more characters as new questions arise regarding the monster origin.

Netflix will release season 2 of Stranger Things this Halloween. If you’re anticipating the next season as much as I am, you’ll be binge watching with a bowl of popcorn. Just don’t get stuck in  “The Upside Down”.

Author: helolite

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