Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theory of Relationship Between Kylo Ren and Rey – Contains SPOILERS!


OK, the film has been out for four days now in the U.S.  I have seen it twice, and although my initial rating was 5 out of 10 for this film, I have now upgraded it to 7.5 out of 10 after seeing it the second time.  This was largely due to some big questions I had after my first encounter with the film.  But then I had a couple of days to come up with some theories about what I have seen, since J.J. Abrams did not help with this in the film.  At least not in this first film, but I’m sure he will help answer some questions in the next one.

With that said, one of the biggest problems I had with Star Wars; The Force Awakens was the fact that Rey had force powers and mastered them in 5 minutes.  Whereas it took Luke 3 films to get to that point.  But they did not explain how this came to be in the film.  So I tried to make sense of everything and come up with my own explanation.  WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

Here is what I came up:

The obvious thing would be that Rey already knew she had force powers but was hiding it.  She had already been trained in the way of the force.  But this was not mentioned in the film so I came up with how this could have come to be.

Rey and Kylo Ren were both trained by Luke as kids.  Han and Leah were acting like they did not have another child because they were trying to protect their daughter from her brother.  Maybe Han and Leah told Kylo Ren that his sister passed away, that way he wouldn’t look for her.  And maybe Luke told Rey that her family would be back meant that one day Han and Leah would come get her after they turned their son back from the dark side.

Maybe Rey did not remember her parents because her brother and her were taken by Luke as babies, just as Luke and Leah were by Obi-Wan many years earlier.

When Rey saw what had happened to Kylo, that he turned to the dark side, it worried her because she knew that she was the only other person that had force powers, he he would come after her.   But Kylo Ren was related to her so he didn’t want to kill her because she was Vader’s grandaugher, and his sister.  So Kylo Rens master plan was to turn her to the dark side and they would rule the galaxy, as a family, just as vader wanted to do with his son.  In this film, I saw two important scenes to help support my theory:

  1. Kylo Ren made a comment to Rey while he was interrogating her.  He said that she thinks of Han as a father figure, but Han would disappoint her as a father.
  2. During their light saber duel, Kylo Ren tells Rey that he can train her.

So with all of this said, Rey was hiding on Jakku.  This would make sense because it would mean that they had already fought during Jedi training as kids.  And this is why she was able to more than hold her own against Kylo Ren, but not kill him, which she had the opportunity to do.

So how did she get to Jakku?  I think Luke dropped her off there for her protection.  She had no choice to leave because she knew that Kylo would come for her if he knew she was alive.

This would also explain the extra-long hug Leah gave Rey when they saw each other.  That was the first scene in the movie where they see each other face to face.  So it was an emotional scene, not only because Han had dies, but because Rey finally is reunited with her mother, which she had waited years for.  This also helps explain the long stare down she had with Luke.  When she was handing him his light saber, she was asking him for his help, because he was the one that trained Ben.

But what about Rey being Luke’s daughter?  Well I believe that Rey can’t be Luke daughter because Luke never had a love interest in the movies.  Star Wars has a history of developing relationships, such as Anakin and Padme and Han and Leah, which took multiple films.  Why would Luke be left out of this?  It wouldn’t make sense that his whole love story be left out of the story.

So with her being strong with the force, this means that at least one of Rey’s parents had to have force powers.  And since Luke is not an option, that only leaves Leah.   But some may say that not all force sensitive people are Jedi or Sith.  So is it possible that Rey’s parents are just some non-movie characters and she basically arrived on the scene out of nowhere?  Sure, it’s possible, but not probable.  Star Wars is a franchise that revolves around family issues.  So for me, this only leaves Leah as the only other possible parent.  Rey’s backstory has to be relevant because she is the next Luke-type hero in these new films.  So instead of a father and son story, we would now have a brother and sister story.

Author: Claude