Sense8 – Season 2 Preview

The Wachowski siblings show us what happens to the human condition as our senses evolve. We are first introduced to eight individuals from around the world that are supernaturally connected to each other. Not just telepathically, but in some ways emotionally and physically. They have the ability to take over each other’s bodies when one of them is exposed to danger.
The new season picks right back up with our sensate cluster being pursued by the man we know only as Whispers. While the world seems to be oblivious to these sensate clusters, there is an age old war that has been fought between sensate groups and those like Whispers. We may also get a new glimpse into other clusters and the history of Jonas Maliki. Sense8 returns to Netflix on May 5th, releasing all ten episodes of season 2. Let the binge watching begin.

Author: helolite

“When all is said and done, have you said and done enough?”