Rogue One Review

The Project Happening team reviews Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Our video includes a synopsis and individual reviews.

Rogue One Synopsis

Rogue One is a spin off of the main Star Wars series. It takes place right before episode 4.

Imperial Director Orson Krennic tracks down former Imperial engineer Galen Erso to help him finish the stalled Death Star project. Galan is reluctant and his wife is killed trying to prevent Galan’s involuntary departure. Galan’s young daughter Jyn escapes detection as her father leaves with Krennic. She is taken in by rebel extremist Saw Gererra.

We fast forward many years to find adult Jyn on an Imperial prisoner transport and is “rescued” by the Rebel Alliance in order for her to help find her father. She is set to task with Capt. Cassian Andor & K2-SO, who, unbeknownst to Jyn are ordered to eliminate Galan.

Galan meanwhile has sent an Imperial defector to his old friend, Saw, with a message for the rebels. Andor and Jyn find Saw only to be imprisoned by the paranoid extremist. Jyn and Saw speak privately and see the Hologram message from Galan describing how to destroy the death star as he has intentionally installed a flaw.

The death star however, blasts the site where Jyn, Andor, and Saw are near. For a demonstration Jyn, Andor, the defector and a few other friends, escape along with Galen’s hologram message thanks to K2-SO, but Saw perishes along with Galan’s Hologram message.

Jyn and the gang locate Galan’ on the Imperial research base and travel there. Krennic also travels to the base to confront Galen as he has learned of the imperial defector that originally was sent by Galan from said base.

Cassian hesitates to assassinate Galen and sends word to the Rebels as to their location. A squadron of rebel x-wings bomb the base mortally injuring Galen. Jyn rushes to her father only to witness his final moments.

The rebels since learn of the flaw in the death star from Jyn and that the death star plans are being kept on the distant plant skariff.

Jyn, Andor, and a few more rebels decide to head there after the rebel Alliance decides going there is too risky,

The team manages to land on Skariff, prompting the rebel Alliance to finally take action and their fleet is dispatched to Skariff to help.

Krennic also travels to Skeriff to investigate Galan’s betrayal at the behest of Darth Vadar.

All hell breaks loose as Jyn, Andor, and K2-SO break into the complex where the Death star plans are kept, and the first major battle between the Empire and Rebels begin.

The Death Star itself is sent to destroy the imperial complex on the surface of Skariff to prevent the plans from being stolen.

Jyn and Andor manage to beam the plans to the Rebel Fleet. Krennic gives chase and almost shoots Jyn before Andor shoots him instead.

Although the Death Star plans are sent to the Rebel Fleet above, Jyn and friends are trapped below and perish as the Death Star blasts the Imperial complex to dust.

Here is where Darth Vadar has his shining moment. He boards the Rebel flagship to recapture the plans and tears through a group of frightened rebel solders who manage to get the plans of that ship into the hands of Princess Lea who takes off on her Corellion corvette to find a certain old Jedi on a remote desert world.




Author: Claude