How Authors Can Successfully Self-Publish (Webcast Notes)

There is a great Youtube video that is part of the National Novel Writing Month (  Nanowrimo is website that encourages people to write and their pitch is that is it a website where someone can commit themselves to writing 50,000 words in 30 days of November.  I created a profile today and on their main page there is a link which takes you to Youtube webcast video titled: How Authors Can Successfully Self-Publish.

I decided to take a few notes and share them here with you.  In this video Brooke Warner (publisher of SheWrites Press and SparkPress) discusses how to self-publish successfully. The video has Brooke speak for the first half an hour, and then she answers questions the second half of the video.  This quick summary is only for the first half an hour. For the full video, here is the link:

  • The momentum is with Indie Authors. The most successful alternative publishing people are fully embracing that being Indie actually matters. Embrace the Indie spirit and do it on your own and not have to feel that you need the approval of the gatekeepers. You have a mandate to do an excellent job with your book. Because if you don’t people are waiting to write you off.
  • The first thing you want to do is choose your platforms. Two examples she gives is IngramSpark and Createspace. Createspace is Amazons platform that rivals IngramSparks. These sites offer print on Demand (POD) technology has really changed a lot and is really good quality. You have the option to do print and ebook. If cost is an issue, you can do an ebook only. If you are a serious author, you have to do a print book.
  • How Passive versus active do you want to be.
  • If you’re going to use Createspace, use IngramSpark as well.
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Buy your own ISBN, don’t use Amazon’s ISBN. You have to take control and ownership of your book. This starts by owning your own ISBN.
  • Choosing publishing platform. Decide who you are going to publish with.
  • On ebook side there is an opportunity to publish yourself using Kindle, Nook, Cobo, and Smashwords. Or you can use an aggregator like Smashworms or Bookbaby. You put it in one place and they will put it out everywhere for you.
  • You can buy your ISBNs through Bowker.  Can buy as many as you want. (
  • Establish yourself as an imprint. You will be taken more seriously in the publishing world if you own an imprint. You can just come up with your own name for the imprint.
  • Act like you know what you are doing. Get support. Ask for help from you community. It’s worth it to hire professionals. Can be just working with a consultant or coach. Educate yourself.
  • Author platform. Continue to put yourself out there. Write about your writing journey. Write about issue that you care about or are passionate about.
  • Professional Industry standards. Three important elements to a professional book : editorial, production, and design (cover design and interior design).
  • There are a lot of things you can do to market yourself. Take marketing webinars. See what other authors are doing. Network, KDP offers promotional opportunities. Bookbub does campaigns. Facebook ads.


Author: Claude