Fallout 3

As originally posted on April 8, 2009

First on my list is the awesome post apocalyptic RPG/ action-shooter, Fallout 3, available on the PC, Xbox and PS3. This game is set in the years after a nuclear war ravages the planet. There are spread out shelters known as vaults that house small groups of survivors…..and that’s where the fun begins. You play as a young man/woman trying to search for your father who left your particular vault for unknown reasons. You have to fight your way out into the wasteland, away from the vault’s sheltered life. You get to develop your character in the classic RPG style, attribute points and experience levels. The player can choose to be righteous or fiendish as they make decisions in the course of the game…..want to blow that annoying passer-by’s head off? Go right a-head, want to save a bunch of useless people to justify your past evil deeds, have fun! Bottom line is this game has everything every red blooded American wants, gore, explosions, and nuclear weapons! …..ohh yeah and downloadable content! (cries with joy) I would have to rate this game at a 9.0, as there are a few minor game issues with 3rd person mode, but otherwise a fantastic game. If you don’t like blood and guts, I’m sure The Adventures of Barbie will be right up your ally. Next week will be my review of a RTS (real time strategy) game, Empire :Total War, I know you all can’t wait.

Author: Absolute Paul

I’m originally from Santa Monica, California, so I dig the sunshine. I like most things sci-fi in nature and tend to write/speak about such things. I joined Project Happening along with my other three cohorts to bring our perspective on interesting subject matter to the fore…this should be an interesting journey…