Eschalon: Book 1


Ok, so after having a lot of time to try out new games from the largely overlooked independent game developers, I came across one game that really defines the term “Epic Failure”. What’s the name of this piece of garbage? Eschalon: Book 1, created by Basilisk Games for the PC. Now I tried really hard to get into this so called “classic” role playing game, but it just failed on every level.

So  this game has some similarities with the great classic RPG’s: the purpose of this game is the lead character, you, goes out into the world on some grand quest…..this is where the similarities with the all time greats ends. Now seeing as this is a game created by independent developers, I understand the low graphics quality and even welcome it at times, IF the game-play is good. Sadly this game falls very short of good game-play. Do you like having to squint your eyes to see what’s going on during  game play, or having to deal with terrible movement controls, or not knowing what the hell is going on? Me neither. The story is usually the draw of these games, and I don’t even remember what the story was supposed to be in this game!! Now I could go on about the other terrible features of this game, but I lost interest….

Some might argue that the game should be praised for what it tried to do, but I’m not here to review what this game tried to do, I’m reviewing what it did. And what it did was make me not want to look at this company for any other games it produces. There are tons of good independent game developers out there, but Basilisk is NOT one of them.

So I would have to score Eschalon : Book 1 a depressing 1 out of 10. I suggest spending the $12.00 it cost to buy this failure on, well anything else!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue playing Mass Effect 2, my next game review.

Author: Absolute Paul

I’m originally from Santa Monica, California, so I dig the sunshine. I like most things sci-fi in nature and tend to write/speak about such things. I joined Project Happening along with my other three cohorts to bring our perspective on interesting subject matter to the fore…this should be an interesting journey…