So what happens when the gods of old square off against the new gods of the new world? Good TV, that’s what…or at least that’s what I’m expecting. The new series, American Gods was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman, has already begun shocking viewers in its first episode that aired 04/30/17. I must advise any potential viewers that this series is VERY adult and not for children, so I’m already excited. Our protagonist, Shadow Moon, the seemingly hapless mortal caught up in this contest of old vs. new, gives us a human perspective that we can all relate to. Ian Mcshane, aka Mr. Wednesday, plays Shadow Moon’s “employer”, and is much more than he appears. In the first episode, Shadow gets introduced to one of the seemingly new gods, who is none too pleased with Shadow’s choice of employer. This sets up our human punching bag to be a pawn in the games of the gods, how fun!. I only hope this potentially epic saga keeps the great dialogue going and me guessing everyone’s motives.

Author: Absolute Paul

I’m originally from Santa Monica, California, so I dig the sunshine. I like most things sci-fi in nature and tend to write/speak about such things. I joined Project Happening along with my other three cohorts to bring our perspective on interesting subject matter to the fore…this should be an interesting journey…