We are a collective of friends contributing to a blog-website with a special emphasis on videos/podcasts, reviews/previews, and anything sci-fi related.




I’m Claude Caldarescu, a Mechanical Engineer by day, creative enthusiast by night.  My hobbies include video editing, web design, staying active and healthy, traveling, and just trying to better myself each and every day.  I am learning that the older I get, the more fascinated with engineering, aeronautics, and just learning in general I get. I love to learn.  I seem to be happiest when I marvel at everything around me, discover how everything works.  Want to learn more about me?  Click here

 helolite HELOLITE

Prisoner of planet earth. Savior of no one. Hobbies include writing short screenplays, blogging, mythology research, audiobooks, and taking naps with my dog Blue. Based in Southern California. 

Sport: Kayaking, Softball, Hiking, Track & Field
Team: LA Dodgers, NY Giants
Movie: Fifth Element, District 9, Inception, The Village, The Sixth Sense
Music Artist: Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Alabama Shakes, The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Alessia Cara
Food: Grilled cheese w/ tomato

 spacemonkey SPACEMONKEY

What do you get when you mix 20% Geek, and 80% Awesome? You get me. Just kidding, but seriously. If there’s a joke to be had, a phrase to be said, or a time to be spent, I’m your Man. I’m a sucker for good conversation. P.E.A.C.E.

Sport: Baseball/Basketball
Team: Dodgers/Lakers
Movie: Star Wars/Fight Club
Music Artist: Stone Temple Pilots/Beastie Boys
Food: Steak



I am the last survivor of a planet in another part of the galaxy. My parents put me in an escape pod and sent me to Earth, where I discovered that I had super human abilities and……………oh wait, never mind, I’m from Santa Monica and my parents live in Arizona.

Video games, softball, and attracting women are my passion, but I’m only good at one of those, so I have a lot of video games.

Sport: Baseball, Filipino slap fighting.
Team: Dodgers, The Manila Maulers
Movie: Return of The Jedi, Santa’s Revenge
Music Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Food: Yes