OK, I think I’ve caught it. No, I’m not talking about some kind of disease, I’m talking about the robot bug. I’m a mechanical engineering student with a background in aerospace, so naturally I’m interested in mechanics. But I’m also becoming very interested in programming and electronics, so the idea of learning about and designing a robot would a perfect way for me to gain more knowledge and experience in these fields.

In my mechanical engineering studies, I am constantly dealing with forces, friction, inertia, Newtons laws, position, velocity, and acceleration, etc. But a robot deals with so much more than just the mechanics aspect. I just completed an introductory programming course, so I’m somewhat familiar with such things as control structures and algorithms. And I have taken a couple of basic circuit courses so I also know a little about electronic components and DC and AC circuits. Plus, working on airplanes and airplane components have taught me the basics and given me some real life experience with electronics. So how better to strengthen my knowledge in mechanics, electronics, and programming but to begin learning and playing with robots?

Robotics also looks to be the next big industry. It’s the next big thing in innovation. So it’s probably a good idea to get into it now while still in its early years. I know that robots have been around for a while, and although we have robots as factory floor workers, robots vacuuming our floors, roving around mars, and in hospitals as surgeons, progress has been rather slow. We don’t exactly have Rosie Jetson cleaning our homes just yet. But it’s closer than we think.

I am not exactly sure where to start from and what the first steps should be in order for me to become more familiar with robots. So I decided to just start from scratch. Learn the basics and work my way up from there. But what good is knowledge if you can’t pass it on, right? So I have decided to post what I learn here on Project Happening and hopefully the information I gain will maybe help another person interested in robotics. Are you excited? Because I am! Let the fun begin…

C3PO & R2D2

Author: Claude